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Best In-Home Therapeutic Massage


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The best foot work since Hong Kong.-- Ed, Palo Alto, California. March, 2012.

Natasha gives a true Esalen Massage that reaches into the very core of the body. Her touch is knowledgable and caring and it allows for the kind of healing that is rarely found, even in the field of massage therapy. -- Janey, Esalen Massage Student, Oakland, California. November, 2011

Natasha's massage is wonderful. Try it. You'll see. -- Leon, Ashland, Oregon. November, 2011.

Wow… incredible… thanks so much again! You’ve got the magic touch – every time you work on me I struggle to stay awake – in such a state of parasympathetic relaxation. Wonderful care and I am so appreciative, thank you. - Bill, Certified Massage Therapist, Sunnyvale, California. June, 2011.

Natasha, you have just left. I am sipping my cup of tea. The tea tastes better than it ever has before. Everything looks and feels better. You gave me a wonderful massage, and I am content in every sinew and pore. Thank you. Thank you. You rejuvenated me, and I am so very grateful... You have hands like an angel. Kathleen, San Francisco, California. May, 2011.

Heavenly is one word I would use to describe the massage I received from Natasha Pyle. Relaxing, gentle, moving from one plane to the next effortlessly, seamlessly, wrapped in a warm cocoon of energy. I have never experienced Esalen style massage before, so the streaming of movement was new to me. Subtle, smooth, and very healing. I look forward to the next time. Mary, Berkeley, California. March, 2011.

Natasha gives a very focused, present and caring massage. From beginning to end, her delivery reflected highly of her Esalen skills and training. A superb relaxation massage that took a week's worth of stress right out of my body! - Bill, Certified Massage Therapist, Sunnyvale, California. January, 2011. 

Natasha gave me an incredible massage. She was totally present with me and took my tired bones and my tight muscles into a relaxed state. Esalen massage is my favorite form of massage ever since the 70's and she does it so wonderfully! I highly recommend her! Cathy, Ashland, Oregon. December, 2010.